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Principles & Culture

It is our mission to deliver superior investment performance with controlled risk. Meaningful work and meaningful relationships are the core pillars of our business. Achieving an extraordinary performance requires the establishment of ambitious goals, which are guided by our values and principles.




We recognize how important it is that the people you work with share your values. We therefore require our employees to be open and forthcoming. Mutual trust can only be built on truth and transparency. As a team, we take pride not only in transparency but also in the passion we have for our work and our clients.


Technology & Innovation

Technology is central to our mission. It helps us gain insight to the stock market and financial systems, which offer reflections of the world in any given moment. We therefore continually develop and innovate our trading systems. With our technology and expertise, we keep a finger on the pulse of the world’s economies, as we strive to understand what the world thinks and feels, so that we can anticipate shifts in financial markets.




Our systematic approach involves creativity and experience combined with a strong grasp on mathematics, resulting in great investment performance with controlled risk. We also endeavor to refine our approach as much as possible, meaning that each day we become wiser and more experienced as a team. Behind the growing popularity of investment funds lays that the wealth investors perceive them as real alternative to conventional investments, which is a tool for better diversification and protection, controlling of the risk and higher capital appreciation.



Vision is the art of seeing, what is invisible to others. The STONEBRIDGE CAPITAL mission is to help our people and investors grow. We protect capital and create added value for our partners with our commitment to integrity. Through discipline, hard work and resilience, our goal is to become the best and largest hedge fund in the world.

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